Refund a PayPal Payment | FamilyID

Refund a PayPal Payment

1. To refund a payment that has been submitted through FamilyID/PayPal, please log in to your PayPal business account.

2. View your transactions in PayPal.

3. Your 'Recent Activity' page should list each transaction by date, the 'Name' of the account, and the amount that the user paid.

4. Click your 'DETAILS' button to see the payment data.

5. Click the 'ISSUE REFUND' button next to the transaction. Enter in your refund amount. Click 'CONTINUE'.

6. If you refund the entire amount paid, the registration will be listed as 'CANCELED' in FamilyID with a $0 balance.

7. If you submit a partial refund, the registration will remain 'COMPLETED' with an updated balance. 

8. An email indicating that the refund has occurred will then be sent to the family as well as your organization's 'notification email address'.