Paying Online through PayPal (PayPal or Credit/Debit Card) | FamilyID

Paying Online through PayPal (PayPal or Credit/Debit Card)

1. On your registration summary page, prior to submitting, there will be Payment Methods available to complete your registration. Select the green 'PAY & SUBMIT' button to continue.

Antes de enviar el formulario, en la página de confirmación, habrá una opción para pagar en línea. Seleccione el botón verde ‘PAY & SUBMIT’ para continuar.

2. This will bring you to your 'Registration Checkout' page where you select the green 'PROCEED TO PAYMENT' button to continue. 

Esto te llevará a la página de compras donde puede hacer clic en el botón verde ‘PROCEED TO PAYMENT’ para continuar.

3A. You can log in to your PayPal account, enter your information and select 'Log In'

3B. You can select 'Pay with a credit or debit card', answer all required fields and 'uncheck' the box reading 'Save this information with a PayPal account?'. Choose 'Review & Continue'.

Desde esta página puede ingresar a su cuenta de PayPal, introducir su información y seleccionar ‘Log In’.

4A. If you logged into PayPal, you can now review your information and select the 'Pay' button to complete your payment.  A receipt will be sent to your PayPal e-mail.

4B. If you selected 'Pay with a Credit or Debit Card', you may be asked 'Did you know you already have a PayPal account?'. Choose 'Continue' as part of 'Continue without logging in.' The word 'Continue' will be clickable.

Ahora puede revisar su información y hacer clic en el botón ‘Pay’ para completar el pago.

5. Click the final 'Pay' button. You'll then be returned to FamilyID and will receive a confirmation email from us, referring to the registration, and a 'Transaction ID' from PayPal referring to the payment.

Trouble with completing your online payment?  

Please contact PayPal directly -