Opening/Closing A Program | FamilyID

Opening/Closing A Program

1. On your Programs page, click on the LISTING 'Private'/'Public' or REGISTRATION 'Open'/'Closed' text to go to your 'Publishing' tab for that program. You can also click on EDIT for a Program and go to the 8th tab, 'Publishing'.

2. In the 'Publishing' page, under 'Display on FamilyID', choose 'Private' to privatize the listing for this program or 'Public' to publish the listing on your Landing Page, Under 'Open Registration', click 'Close' to close registration, 'Open' to open registration.

3. To update the 'Start Date' and 'End Date', click into the date text and select the calendar day, hour, and minute. Three calendar clicks are required for a date to input. You can also update the numbers in the date directly. (The clock is currently in military time/24 hour clock, example: 1 p.m. is 13:00)

4. To open your program, set 'Display on FamilyID' to 'Public' and 'Open Registration' to 'Open'. To close a program, set 'Display on FamilyID' to 'Private' and Open Registration to 'Closed'.

RECOMMENDATION: We suggest that you set your program 'Display on FamilyID' to 'Public" longer than 'Open Registration ' to 'Close'. This will allow families/individuals to know your registration was there but is currently closed.

NOTE: You will be required to review your form, scroll to the bottom of the form, and then click the APPROVE AND SAVE button.


5. Now that your program is open, you are prompted to 'Tweet' the link to your form. Select 'Click to Tweet', which will open Twitter in a new tab. Log-in to Twitter, and once logged-in, a pre-populated tweet with the link to your form will display. If you would rather not 'Tweet' the link to your form, select the 'X' in the top-right corner of the "Click to Tweet" window.

6. You will then be directed back to your PROGRAMS page, which will reflect your new status.