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NEW FEATURE: Filter Reports by Add-ons

With the ability to filter by 'Add-ons' in Reports, your report's registrations can be shaped by the family's add-on selection.

Want to only see those that selected 'Free Lunch'? Or exclusively report on the families who are donating to the booster club? Maybe you just need a list of the campers requiring aftercare...

1. Select the 'REPORTS' tab on the blue bar at the top of the page. Choose 'Create a Report'.


2. Name the ''report' and choose the 'Select a filter' drop-down.


3. Choose 'Programs and Sections'  and select which 'Programs' and 'Sections' you'd like your report filtered by. Choose 'Save'.


4. Click on the drop-down once more and choose 'Program Add-ons'.


5. Select which 'add-ons' you'd like the report filtered by. For example, if I only want to see those that signed up for my camp's lunch program I can choose the 'Lunch Program' add-on and all alternatives. If I want to see just those that selected lunch in 'Week 1', I can select the 'Week 1' alternative. Choose 'save'.


6. Add your fields, sorting parameters and sharing settings then choose 'Save & View'.


7. The example report consists of only those that joined the Week 1 lunch program.