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NEW! Authorized Report Sharing

NEW! Authorized Report Sharing

As part of our new 'Roles & Privileges' feature, you'll now have even more control when you share reports with individuals.

In the past, reports were shared via a link which did not require the link recipient to log-in to FamilyID. Now, you can invite individuals to your organization's FamilyID account as an authorized 'Viewer' and allow them to log-in securely and view only the reports you'd like to share.

This will give you much more control over who can see what data and for what period of time. You can also choose to provide/revoke access to data more easily, and you're no longer limited to the number of people with whom you can share a report.

This new functionality means you can allow authorized 'Viewers' to edit information in your report, such as 'Sections', 'Section Options', 'Approval Status' and/or 'Internal Fields'. For example, you can make it easy for coaches to assign teams or for nurses to approve eligibility.

Once logged-in, 'Viewers' will be brought to the report you've shared. They’ll see this report, along with any other reports you’ve authorized them to access in the ‘Reports’ tab. They’ll never have access to reports or site functionality not intended for them.

To transition to authorized report sharing:

1. Go to your ‘Reports’ tab and select ‘Require Log-in’.

2. Within the pop-up window select ‘Confirm’.


Once you authorize ‘Viewers’ to view reports:

  1. A user-invitation will be sent to the email addresses included in your shared reports, allowing 'Viewers' to log-in and securely view the report.

  2. Shared report links will be disabled. If you'd like to generate a new public link for a report, click the down-arrow and select “Generate Public Link.”

  3. Attached files will no longer be included in the shared report email. Your ‘Viewers’ can download reports in csv (table view) or pdf (page view) formats once they are logged-in.

The invitation email that your existing shared-recipients receive will contain a link which will prompt them to create (or log-in to) FamilyID.

To authorize access for new and/or existing users:

1. Go to your ‘Reports’ tab and select ‘Edit’ on the report you’d like to grant access to.

2. Scroll down the page and beneath ‘Share Report’ check mark ‘Share access to this report’.

3. Under ‘Authorize the following users:’, select an existing user or choose ‘Invite new user’. Select/invite as many users as you’d like. You are no longer limited to just 5 email addresses. If inviting a new user, input their email address. To invite multiple users, continue to select ‘Invite new user’.


4. Select the date you’d like to end access to this report on. As of this date, all of the users you’ve authorized to access this report will no longer see it.


5. Set how often you’d like to send an email with a link to this report. The email will immediately send when a new user is added, though you can continue to send the email at a set frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) as well as set the date this email should stop sending.


6. By selecting ‘allow authorized users to update internal registration data included in this report’, you are authorizing assigned users the ability to edit certain types of information that you may have included in this report, such as sections, section options, internal fields and statuses for approval, registration and payment. Users with authorized access to this report can edit only information that is included in the report.  For example, you can make it easy for coaches to assign teams or nurses to approve eligibility depending on the fields you include in the report. Any updates made to this data will be logged in a registration’s history. From there, you can see when and by whom any change was made.


7. When complete, select ‘Save & View’.