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Invite a User (new or existing) to be added to an Organization Account

1. To invite a new or existing user to an organization you will need to be logged-in as the organization's administrative user. 

2. As the administrative user, select the blue 'ORGANIZATIONS' tab at the top of the screen. 


 3. Select 'USERS' and you will see the names of current users as well as the 'ADD NEW' button.  Choose the add new button.


 4. Enter the name and email address of the user you are inviting to this organization account. Click on the 'SAVE' button. An invitation email will be sent to the invitee's email address. 


5. The new user will click on the link in the invitation email. This will bring the new user to the FamilyID website where they will LOG In or SIGN UP.

If the user already has a family account with FamilyID, they will select the 'LOG IN' button and the organization account will be added to their family account.

If they are a first time user of FamilyID, they will select the 'ACCOUNT OWNER SIGN UP' button to create an account and be added to the organization.