Save a Partially Complete Registration | FamilyID

Save a Partially Complete Registration

If you are unable to fill out all of a registration form's required fields at this time, you are able to save a partially complete registration to be finished at a later time. 

1. To save a registration as a draft, you first must select a section.


2. If you are a new user, simply begin filling out the registration form. If you are an existing user, click the drop-down reading 'click here to select or create participant' and choose your participant's name.


3. At this point, you can save your registration as a 'draft'. Please scroll down to the bottom of the registration form where you will have the option to 'Save and Finish Later'. Once you click on the 'Save and Finish Later' button, your registration will be saved as a draft. 


4. Your registration is now saved as a draft. You will receive an email reminding you to complete the draft registration. The registration will also be available on the 'registrations' tab to be edited and completed.