Edit a Draft Registration | FamilyID

Edit a Draft Registration

1. To complete a previously saved, partial registration, select the 'registrations' tab on the blue bar at the top of the screen.

2. This will present a list of your 'Not Submitted' registrations along with a list of your 'Completed' and 'Canceled' registrations. This 'Draft' registration will appear at in the list and you will select the ‘EDIT REGISTRATION' button in order to finish filling out the registration form.

3. After selecting ‘EDIT REGISTRATION’ you will be brought to your saved registration form where you'll want to complete all fields with a red asterisk. Once complete, select 'Save and Continue'. 

4. You'll then be brought to your summary screen where you can select 'Submit' or 'Pay & Submit' to complete your registration. Once complete, email confirmations are sent you both you and the organization.