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Change the Participant's Registration Section

If you have a registrant that has submitted a completed registration and then decides they want to change the section they selected, you as an organization account have the ability to change that section. 

There are two routes to change the registrant section, go to the 'PEOPLE' tab and search for the registrant name, or from your PROGRAMS page, click on the 'FILLED' number for that Program and locate the registrant in the alphabetical list. 

Through People tab:

1. Find the 'PERSON' and then click on the name in blue.



2. Click on the blue 'REGISTRATION DATE'.


3. Click 'EDIT' in the top right corner of the registration.


4. Scroll down to 'SECTIONS'. Update your Section by checking the correct section. Then click 'SAVE & CONTINUE'  


Through Program:

1. Click on the 'FILLED' number.


2. Click on the 'REGISTRANT'.


3. Click on the 'REGISTRATION DATE' name in blue. 


4. Click 'EDIT' at the top of the registration. 


5. Change the Section. Click 'SAVE AND CONTINUE'.