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Archive / Un-Archive a Report

To better organize and manage old and past reports, use the archive feature. When you archive a report, they are listed only in the "Archived" view and are hidden from your "Active" list. This will allow you to save and store a report that you deemed to be useful for future use but not have it displayed prominently in your current list.  You can always reactivate a report by un-archiving it.


Archive Reports

1. Log into your organization account and select 'REPORTS'

2. A list of your reports will appear. Select the checkbox associated with the report(s) you would like to archive or select all for that page only by selecting the box at the top of the list. 


3. Press the orange 'ARCHIVE' button to archive the report(s). The archived report(s) will be removed from the list and become part of your 'ARCHIVED REPORTS'.

NOTE: You cannot clone or edit an archived report. You will need to un-archive the report in order to clone it or make changes to it. 

Un-Archive Reports

1. Log into your organization account and select 'REPORTS'


2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "ARCHIVED REPORTS" button. 


3. Select the 'UNARCHIVE' button next to the report you would like to unarchive.


4. You will now see your report listed on the main 'REPORTS' page.